Hensel´s Sonntagsmatinée: We will not be silenced.

by Hans-Peter Schröder

Mit Menschen I-1 (2)

About wars and perpetrators

As a human being, born in Germany and as a member of a community, that is accused of having started two „unprecedented“ wars in human history and which is accused of having committed unimaginable crimes, – as a member of a nation, which has not received fair chances to defend itself in a proper way against the accusations till today and which, after decades, still abused and insulted, has overcome its material destruction and the plundering of it`s homeland, only to find itself confronted with new crimes, perpetrated by an implemented elite, – actually two handfuls of people, following the orders of foreign criminals – everybody knows them – I want to tell the iraquian people, the people from Afghanistan, the people from Pakistan, Congo, Yemen, Libya, Iran and Syria, all the victims of shameless brutality and injustice, that we, the people of Germany are still strong in our mind and strong in our hearts, believing in justice and convinced of being responsible for our behaviour. We have learned our lessons from our own suffering, no matter how this small group in government, industry and army acts, what they do or what they say:

They do not speak on the behalf of the german people.

Out of respect for the creation and perceiving a strong deference for life in all of its marvellous aspects, without accepting any manmade exceptions, which, as past and present prove, clearly have demonstrated and still demonstrate the unability of selfish dominators to serve the interests of life in a righteous way, we condemn the crimes, this small clique is committing and we condemn the inhuman foreign orders they have decided to follow.

This group is aware of our strong refusal. They are aware of the natural resistence, each human being feels, once confronted with evil. They try to ignore us. Whilst behaving that way, trying to ignore our voices, they are ignoring the voice of life.

They are a product of life too and they do not allow us to speak in an open way for the favour of life. Their behaviour goes against nature, it is paradox and dangerous and therefore they deserve no future.

They censor our voices. They try to silence us. Listening to us, and accepting the message, we are driven to spread, they would have to leave their „high“ positions immediately, the soldiers would be ordered to return home within a couple of days and the occupators, the foreign murderes and their sinister agents would be driven out of our country within hours.

60 years after the end of world war two, Germany is still an occupied country. Once again, because it sounds incredible: 60 years after world war II, Germany is still an occupied country. The german nation is not independent, we are not free at all. Foreign soldiers misuse our homeland to train for present and for future wars. This kind of irresponsible behaviour, violating the laws auf gods and men and spitting into our faces, will make us, the german people, a legitimate target, once the pendulum swings back.

It does not matter, if the traitors 5th columns acting is backed by some sort of placebo ideology, or by corruption or if these agents get „convinced“ by blackmailing. With their work they are supporting the occupying forces. At least for their victims, their motivations do not make any difference.

History shows clearly that the use of armed forces is ethically validated by situations of self-defense only. This is what justifies their right to exist, what they deserve their payment for. It is the duty of the soldiers to protect their own people, not to attack them, nor their brothers and sisters in faraway corners of the world in todays wars, plundering, eliminating, suppressing, mass murdering and global destruction of cultures and social communities. This is the handwriting of pure evil and each human is be able to read the signals.

The german constitution does not allow any attacks. Attacks, directly or hidden, are crimes. To hide the crime factor away from the german population, these cliques, who do not represent the will of the german people, use propaganda, constructions of lies and desinformation, backed by force, forcing their onedimensional sight into the heads of the unemployed, by „public“ and privately owned propaganda outlets, to get what they want. But not in my name, and not in our name.

As a member of a „nation of criminals“, though I was born years after the war, I have to carry the weight of second world war guilt and this is a heavy burden. I am not part of the silent majority, as the traitors call them and I am not accepting the justification they destillate out of this „silence“. In fact there is no „silent majority“, it is a mislead, uneducated, „silenced majority“. Nobody likes to be silenced.

They would not be silent, if YOU, the servants of the Dark Lord of misconception would tell them facts and if you would explain seriously to your blindfolded and mislead brothers and sisters the affairs and relationships connecting the events, explainig them the true roots of conflicts and the role some keyfigures play and why and who they are, in providing your fellow people a true chance to discover their own free will, which would open them real choices. It is their freeborn free will, you try so hard to eliminate with your lies.

Of course armies do not behave like persons. Armies behave like collectives. Very dangerous, if their chiefs lack consciousness, if generals are brainwashed, commanders weak and corrupt, evil or without conscience, or if they are just idle dumb criminals without feeling compassion.

Participating into a criminal war or supporting this war, makes YOU a criminal. Staying silent makes US accomplice.

After two wars we have learned our lesson. The war 1939 – 1945 destroyed the heart of Europe. And again wars are emanating from our soil over the world. The runways are hidden in our woods. The rockets are masked under green branches of german trees. Protected by barbed wire, the operations are planned, the orders are given.



One million tons of bombs destroyed more than 1000 cities and towns. Between 1940 and 1945 estimated more than half a million german civilians were killed by allied bombing raids, mostly burnt, mostly women and children. We are not even allowed to mention this openly in its full significance. Between january and may 1945 estimated 130 000 germans were killed by bombing. There was no resistance, our air force was destroyed, we fought simultaneously a two front war. Our cities were defended by 14 year old schoolboys, who operated the few leftover anti-aircraft cannons. Low flying british airplanes hunted our people down with their machine guns like rabbits, whilst our men fought against the red army, trying to protect civilians, escaping from the eastern territories.

Nowadays the wars have become so clean, so proper, dying has become so cultivated, the victory so sedative.

Nowadays the maimed ones have no face, they are locked up in asylums, their cries are not audible in the TV transmissions, but the sensitive ones hear their voices and they smell the stench of burning flesh waving over this planet. We know, who you are.

We have learned our lesson well. We will always remember what happened:

We will not be silenced.

Hans- Peter Schröder, Weihnachten 2012

Landstuhl , Germany (2)

These signals show clearly who and what is occupying my homeland Germany

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  1. It is not illegal in Iceland to say that the holocaust was a big lie. It is so easy to proof. That’s why it is illegal in many countries to suggest so. There would be no Israhell if not for the holohaux.

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