Libyen: Lebenszeichen von Dr. Moussa Ibrahim

von John Schacher

Seven News Agency berichtete am 28. November, dass nach langer Funkstille erstmals wieder eine Verbindung mit Dr. Moussa Ibrahim zustande kam.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim gratulierte und dankte der Agentur für ihren Beitrag zum Kampf gegen die Propaganda und Desinformation betreffs Libyen.

Im Gegenzug bat Seven News Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, seinen Kampf für Freiheit und all die Libyer fortzusetzen und dem Land Frieden und Ordnung zu bringen.

Dr. Moussa versicherte, dass er gesund und an einem sicheren Ort ist.


10 Gedanken zu „Libyen: Lebenszeichen von Dr. Moussa Ibrahim

  1. ir seems to me, Mussa Ibrahim is an imposter.

    a) he dosn`t have any degree –
    there is no Dr – as stated by „his“ university.

    b) he is not living anymore in Libya –
    because he is with „some“ foreign services.

    c) the shown picture is from past times –
    the child is much older now and living in Germany.

    So, you are acting on behalf of Mussa Ibrahim ?

  2. Es ist schön, das zu lesen!
    Ich freue mich für den intelligenten Mann und hoffe, dass er bald seine Familie wiedersehen kann, das wünsche ich ihm von Herzen.

    Ich kann mich noch gut erinnern, wie man über seine Frau, Julia, hergefallen ist, als sie mit dem gemeinsamen Kind Libyen verlassen hat. Pfui, schämt euch!

  3. Da freue ich mich auch. Ibrahim ist mir der symphatischste Regierungssprecher der Welt. Man vergleiche ihn mit Regierungsschleimer Steffen Schleimert:

    Was an der Geschichte mit Ibrahims Vater wohl dran ist?

    Wird er erpresst?
    Wurde er in Sirte verletzt?

    Meine Gedanken sind auch bei seiner Frau, die ja in Deutschland sein soll…

  4. What a sweet Father. I wish him the best. Let him raise his lovely baby in peace. May his wife be safe. All these people suffered from incredible injustice.

    It is hard to talk more. This war was not necessary and that is what hurts the most. Perhaps Gaddafi as a leader, was not perfect, who nows? I can’t know. I only know that anybody who pulls out the poorest of the poor, people who eat sand and drink salty water, and never had even running water, if such people get: – food, clothe, shelter, medical care, education, work, then such a human has my full respect. I wish even I could have done what he did for the suffering humanity. This is not about socialism, or democracy – but humanity and we all have the same needs. Any leader who really gives basic needs and safety is a good leader. Anybody knows any recent leader who gave as much to their own people as Gaddafi did, or even this man I know next to nothing about?

    I don’t… what I see is rich people taking ever more away and people on the bottom starve as a result and there is no love not compassion whatsoever by bankers or the rich for humanity. Without love, how can you be even a good leader? Call me naive for even talking about love and compassion and human sweetness, that is ok, but what I do know that this man is sweet and he would protect any child on earth from suffering if he could.

    Hence, I would love to urge all leaders of this wretched World to cultivate their inner humanity and love for without that, every human system is just going to be „hell on earth.“

    I often think these days about Dresden, Falluja, Sirte…. all were crimes against humanity. They want to break the people… but why? Was it so bad in Libya that you would have to break the entire Nation as if they have caused a holocaust? No Way, right?

    They made a monster out of the leader and humanity never knew of any good he did. That actually needs to be rectified.

    This war, just like Iraq war No. 1 and 1 was overexagerated. Die Verhealtnismaessigkeit der Mittel sind nie gewahrt worden.

    I wonder, are all wars based on lies? What would the history books write about this? I rather do not want to know. I can imagine by now how lies continue, from generation to generation poor kids die over lies in war.

  5. @DieLesende: Dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen! Auch ich freue mich, dass er noch unter uns weilt und wünsche ihm und seiner Familie weiterhin viel Kraft und Gottes Segen. Eine Schande, was mit seinem Land passiert ist. Dieser Angriffskrieg gegen Libyen ist eines der größten Verbrechen unserer Zeit!

  6. Dear friends,

    I bought myself a history book about Libya called, „A History of Modern Libya“ by Dirk Vandewalle. You think it is a good book? He talked to Saif Gaddafi too.

    I feel that I need to educated myself about the country because I too have questions which need to be answered because my friends are saying and asking things I am clueless about.

    See politically I may not be so savy but from the humanistic perspective I believe in myself being top notch somewhat above average informed, and able to react in the right mind.

    If you have anything to read even in German let me know.
    I feel grief, for I knew people Libya in my youth and I knew Northern European Green Party people loving Gaddafi. I don’t know what happened in between for I traveled a lot. I just know I am so sad because I feel this is going to continue and ending up in WW-III. I wish that I can talk intelligently about the topic.

    It hurts me so to see that the last easy to get recouces, instead of creating a humanity of sharing we destroy everything ins sight for total control over us.

    See, Mr. Gaddafi was oldder, perhaps he was even a bit stuck as a senior citizen, as all of our parents are, but he did not deserve to get hurt this way and the applause by the Western leaders is perverted beyond my wildest imagination.

    Help me to educate myself for we must bring humanity together and not apart. We must share what we have so we can live all together somehow. I am sorry for the beings who only see the value of money and no heart anywhere.

    Tell me what I can read…

    People who are declared as evil usually gave humanity something good at this day and age, that is what i learned.

    1. Dear Fatima,
      what about the Green Book / Green Charter? Unfortunately there are no (english) books i could especially employ to You… Exeption: Quadhafi own books – you should have them. For more background i´d try Google, there is all about Libya avaiable…
      Love & happyness´

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