Libyen: Quadhafi-Botschaft vom 6.10.2011 & Ron Paul-Spot


„I call on all Libyan people to go out and march in their millions in all the squares, in all the cities and villages and oases. Go peacefully. Be courageous, rise up, go to the streets, raise our green flags to the skies.
The NTC has no legitimacy because it was not nominated or appointed by the people. How did it get its legitimacy? Did the Libyan people elect them? Did the Libyan people appoint them? If the power of (international) fleets give legitimacy, then let the rulers in the Third World be ready. To those who recognize this council, be ready for the creation of transitional councils imposed by the power of fleets to replace you one by one from now on.
Bani Walid, Sirte, Warshfana and Nawhi, those four tribes are armed very well and they will never be defeated; those honorable people can not be subjected. All the people in Libya, all true Libyans will never surrender to the invaders and the colonizers.
We will fight for our freedom and we are willing to sacrifice more. The traitors and colonizers and NATO will be destroyed soon. They already no longer trust each other and they don’t trust their leaders; the traitors are unable to continue because their basis is weak.
Even if you don’t hear my voice, don’t stop fighting. Fight on!“

Ein Gedanke zu „Libyen: Quadhafi-Botschaft vom 6.10.2011 & Ron Paul-Spot

  1. Bereits am 7.Oktober setzte ich dazu folgenden Link:

    In den Blättern des Mainstream fand ich,natürlich, nichts dazu.
    Auch in den diversen Foren, in denen oft heiß diskutiert wird: Fehlanzeige!
    Naja, paßt auch nicht ins Bild,diese Meldung… ein Aufruf zu friedlichen Demonstrationen durch die Bevölkerung….wie d a m i t umgehen….
    Ach so: sicher ist es eine Fehlmeldung, ein Pro-Gaddafi-Äußerung, er hat es selbst vielleicht gar nicht so gesagt….es kann nicht sein, was nicht sein darf.

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