die „Glocke“ – Antischwerkraft im Dritten Reich

Igor Witkowski ist polnischer Militärjournalist, dessen Spezialgebiet die Hightech-Waffenentwicklungen der Nazis sind. In vielen Bereichen der Forschung waren sie wegen des Innovationsdrucks anderen Nationen um Längen überlegen.

Während seiner Recherchen in den Kriegsarchiven des Westens und des Ostens sowie in Polen vor Ort stieß er auf ein Projekt, das der wahre Ursprung des Nazi-UFO-Mythos gewesen sein könnte: Die „Glocke„, eine Maschine, die mit Hochfrequenzstrom, gegenläufig rotierenden Magnetfeldern und einer seltsamen Substanz namens „Xerum-525“ betrieben wurde.

Die „Glocke“ zeitigte seltsame Effekte – sie summte wie ein Bienenstock, glomm bläulich, verursachte biologische Wirkungen wie die Gelierung und Separierung von Flüssigkeiten sowie zahlreiche Funktionsstörungen des Nervensystems.

Das Projekt verschwand am Ende des Krieges von der Bildfläche, zusammen mit SS-General Hans Kammler, zuständig für die Geheimprojekte des Dritten Reichs, und der letzten (und einzigen) Ju-390. Von allen fehlt jede Spur; ob sie zusammen verschwanden, bleibt Spekulation.

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  1. Dear Mr. Julius Hensel.
    I enjoyed your Blog and the information provided by Mr. Igor Witkowski about the development of an antigravity machine by the Germans . He refers to it as the GLOCKE. I have observed in 1970 eine fliegende Untertasse (UFO) in British Columbia at a very low altitude. The machine looked like the pictures shown of the Haunebu on different internet blogs .
    Of course it did not have the Hakenkreutz insignia but it did resemble a flattened bell.
    I saw this machine in an isolated area near the small town of Williams Lake and it approached me and my car and then departed very quickly in a westerly direction.
    It looked very much like the UFO seen in Oregon above a rooftop . I cannot remember the person’s name who saw it then and photographed it. It also resembled the machine in the blurry photograph of a supposed Haunebu which has a cannon attached to its bottom. The one I saw did not have a cannon nor any insignias.
    The machine was a deep bronze color and reflected the sunlight.

    I was born in 1944 in Austria -Hungary in the city of Oedenburg, now known as Sopron.
    My father was in the SS and was the recipient of the Iron Cross . I remember a picture of him in his black uniform with a white death head attached to the front of the cap.We fled ahead of the Russians and made it to the American side . I grew up in West Germany near Wertheim am Main until I was eleven and then we moved to Canada.
    My father has passed away some time ago, as has my uncle Karl Bernhardt who died in Germany. The two of them were very good friends and they often talked about the war.
    I was a young boy then and I occasionally heard them speak about things that went on during the war.
    At the time I did not realize just how much my father knew. He talked about Flying saucers as an accepted fact .He knew about the development of these flying machines and I remember him telling me that one was flown to Spitsbergen where it had landing difficulties. This was before any information had ever been made public ,well before the development of computers.He and my uncle talked about these machines and how some individuals they both knew in the SS had been working on antigravity aircraft. My father worked as an Electronic Technician for most of his life. I remember the name Kammler mentioned a few times and my uncle said that he had gone to South America. My father said that some of the German engineers had also worked on a device(s) which were able to cause atomic changes within different materials . They said that this device was able to change the atomic arrangement of an element and that it was intended as a weapon. It would be able to disintegrate some materials. My father and uncle said that one could think of the effect of this weapon as a sort of an ATOMIC GLUE DISSOLVER. I can’t remember what they called it in the German language. If its beam was aimed at metal it would soften it .
    My father said that the people who were in charge of some of the antigravity projects went to Buenos Aires before the war ended.
    I have no doubt that the Germans did develop a flying machine which used very powerful revolving magnetic fields.
    I would think that Mr. Witkowski is on the right track .
    Maybe he should consider digging up information available from this South American city. He might just hit the right track !


    1. Dear Julius Karl Steiger,
      thank You very much for the informations given to us! I appreciate it really and i´m sure many readers will do so. It is simply breaking news for me to read about some kind of „Desintegration“-Weapon. Until now i knew this weapon-application only fom SciFi-Genre like Perry Rhodan… Technically it seems to be a neutralisation of the molecular-magnetic forces of matter.
      I hope that some day this technical values will serve for and in a better world. In the hands of the actually ruling class it would be the end – for sure! So we have to thank our ancestors for taking care about this secrets.
      In commemorance of the heroic and brave people – which shall never be forgotten…
      best wishes for You
      PS: Julius Hensel died in 1903. I am John Schacher and have only reedited his work.

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